Z4pp4.com is a new Web 3 social media search engine based in West Hollywood, California, that aims to preserve and promote Frank Zappa’s legacy for eternity in the physical world. The application uses blockchain technology to connect and maintain all Frank Zappa-related data across the web. John K.(Jay) Sloatman III, also known as Dunt and the late Frank Zappa’s brother-in-law, is developing and programming the Web 3 application. With over five decades of experience in the Zappa world, Jay has the expertise to deploy a joint Frank and Gail Zappa vision. Z4pp4.com has created software applications that will enable easy access and link all Frank Zappa’s information. The application features a dynamic cluster search powered by proprietary copyright technology and designed for all biologics. We welcome comments, suggestions, and business development proposals, so please get in touch with us at any time.

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